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Coelophysis by Camus Altamirano


Quick Coelophysis Facts: - Coelophysis had hollow bones - They had wishbones - Their name means “hollow form” - They may have hunted in packs - Lived in New Mexico and Arizona - Had very large eyes - Lived off of a diet of archosaurs and carrion
Tarbosaurus by Herschel Hoffmeyer


Quick Tarbosaurus Facts: - Weighed as much as an African Elephant - Was as long as a train car - Its name meant “terrifying or alarming dinosaur” - Tarbosaurus had smaller arms than T- Rex - Had more than 60 knife shaped teeth - Tarbosaurus may have hunted in packs
Suchomimus by Andreas


Quick Suchomimus Facts. - Its name means “crocodile mimic” - Its snout was 4 feet long - Suchomimus is related to Spinosaurus - Was probably slow moving like a crocodile - Lived in parts of Africa
Microraptor by Jaime A. Headden


Quick Microraptor Facts: - Over 300 Microraptor fossils have been found - It wasn't the only 4 wing raptor - It lived in what is now China - Microraptors aren't birds but therapods. - Name means small thief or tiny plunderer
Acrocanthosaurus by Galileo Nunez


Quick Acrocanthosaurus Facts: - It lived 45 million years before T Rex - Weighed more than an African Elephant - Over 4 car links in length - Acrocanthosaurus has incredible smell - Lived in parts of Texas, Oklahoma, Utah and South Carolina
Megalosaurus by Valentina


Quick Megalosaurus Facts: - First discovered in 17th century - Over 3 car links long - Weighed as much as a Black Rhinoceros - Could run over 30 miles per hour - One of the smartest dinosaurs
Oviraptor by Zero_Sen


Quick Oviraptor Facts: - Oviraptor means “egg thief” - Could run as fast as an ostrich - Lived in parts of Mongolia - Nested its own eggs - Could have 20 eggs at a time
Gallimimus by Maxwell Schultz


Quick Gallimimus Facts: - Its name means “Chicken Mimic” - Could run as fast as a cheetah - Resembled a large chicken or ostrich - Gallimimus weighed as much as a black bear - This dinosaur may have ran in packs
Albertosaurus by Steve White


Quick Albertosaurus Facts: - Albertosaurus weighed as much as a hippopotamus - It was 3 car links long - May have hunted in packs - Could run as fast as a grizzly bear - Name means “Lizard of Alberta”
Ceratosaurus by Robertasaurus Fabiani


Quick Ceratosaurus Facts: - Ceratosaurus means Horned Lizard - This dinosaur was about 3 car links long - It weighed as much as a brown bear - It may have hunted in packs - This dinosaur had 4 fingers
Troodon by Tan


Quick Troodon Facts: - Troodon means “wounding tooth” - They likely laid up to 2 dozen eggs at a time - They had binocular vision - Troodon was probably an omnivore - They were likely warm bloodied animals
Therizinosaurus by Vlad Konstantinov


Quick Therizinosaurus Facts: - Therizinosaurus means “scythe lizard” - Was about 3 car links long - Weighed as much as 3 brown bears - Could run as fast as an elephant - Its claws were as long as short swords
Pachycephalosaurus by Jk


Quick Pachycephalosaurus Facts: - Pachycephalosaurus skull is 30 times thicker than a human's skull - It weighed as much as a brown bear - It was as long as a box truck - Is believed to have evolved from Hypsilophodon - It walked on 2 legs
Baryonyx by Spartan


Quick Baryonyx Facts: - Hunted fish like bears do - Baryonyx weighed as much as a rhino - Its name mean “heavy claw” -1st fish eating dinosaur ever discovered - May have also eaten other dinosaurs
Compsognathus by Nobu Tamura


Quick Compsognathus Facts: - Compsognathus was about the size of a chicken - It weighed as much as a squirrel - It could run as fast as an ostrich - Ate mostly lizards and insects - May have had feathers
Dreadnoughtus by Fabio Pastori


Quick Dreadnoughtus Facts: - Dreadnoughtus weighed more than a 747 airplane - It also weighed more than 7 African Elephants - It was almost 9 car links long - Dreadnoughtus means “fear nothing” - It was named after a battleship
Utahraptor by Vlad Konstantinov


Quick Utahraptor Facts: - Weighed as much as a polar bear - Was ten times larger than Velociraptor - Utahraptor was almost 3 car links long - Could jump 15 feet high - Could run at speeds of over 20 MPH
Iguanodon by Spike Ekins


Quick Iguanadon Facts - It weighed as much as a van - It was an herbivore - It could run as fast as a black mamba slithers - Its fossils have been found in Europe and the U.S - It was almost 5 car links long
Carcharodontosaurus by Jorge Antonio Gonzalez


Quick Carcharodontosaurus Facts: - Could swallow a human in one bite - Could run about 25 MPH - As long as four car links - Weighed as much as 2 Asian Elephants - Teeth as long as a butcher knife
Parasaurolophus by Michiel Gilissen


Quick Parasaurolophus Facts: - They weighed as much as a full-size van - They were 4 car lengths long - Parasaurolophus was an herbivore - It's crest is built like a Crumhorn - It's max speed was 25 MPH

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