Quick Carnotaurus Facts

  • The Carnotaurus can run as fast a kangaroo can hop
  • It weighed as much as 10 gorillas
  • Had tiny arms like a T Rex
  • Only one fossil of this dinosaur has yet been found
  • It knobby horns may have been used for combat.
Carnotaurus Pictures

About Carnotaurus

Carnotaurus is a dinosaur which lived approximately 72 million years ago during the Late Cretaceous Period. It was first discovered in 1984 by José Bonaparte in Argentina. Because of the bony horn like protrusions from this dinosaur’s skull, it was given the name Carnotaurus, a name which means “flesh eating bull.”

This dinosaur was approximately 30 feet long, stood 10 feet tall and weighed approximately 2 tons. It was a carnivorous bipedal dinosaur that may have had binocular vision—unlike other dinosaurs of the time. That’s because this dinosaur had eyes that were set in front of its skull, while many dinosaurs had eyes on the side of their heads. This means that these dinosaurs probably had pretty good depth perception and binocular vision.

It is also estimated that these dinosaurs were fairly fast. Some computer models suggest that the Carnotaurus could travel at a speed of about 35 miles per hour. This would make it significantly faster than a running human and make it almost as fast as a cougar.

Carnotaurus Pictures

Carnotaurus by Nobu Tamura
Carnotaurus by Paul Carter
Carnotaurus by Galileo Nunez
Carnotaurus by Daniel Eskridge
Carnotaurus by Vlad Konstantinov
Carnotaurus by Vlad Konstantinov