Quick Rajasaurus Facts

  • Was 3 car links long
  • Was as tall as a 1 story home
  • Weighed as much as 6 Gorillas
  • Could run as fast as a Polar Bear
  • Lived in what is now India
Rajasaurus by Seth Stephenson
Rajasaurus by Seth Stephenson
Rajasaurus Pictures

About Rajasaurus

Rajasaurus is a dinosaur which lived approximately 65-70 million years ago during the late Cretaceous Period. It was first discovered in India in the early 1980s and was subsequently named by Jeff Wilson in 2003. The name of this dinosaur means “king of lizards”, so named because of the impressive crest on this dinosaur’s head.

Rajasaurus was about 30 feet long, about 10 feet tall and weighed approximately a ton. This large therapod was carnivorous and hunted sauropods that were small enough for it to eat. Which means that it probably hunted some of the juvenile members of various herbivore species and may have even scavenged the remains of already dead dinosaurs.

An interesting fact about Rajasaurus is that it is a therapod with head ornamentation. This is fascinating because therapods in North America lost their head crests as they evolved into more advanced dinosaurs. However, it appears that these dinosaurs in India developed head crests as they evolved.

Rajasaurus Pictures

Rajasaurus by Seth Stephenson
Rajasaurus by Steven Thompson
Rajasaurus by Vladimir Nikolov
Rajasaurus by Sergey Krasovskiy
Rajasaurus by SameerPrehistorica